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Corporate Mandarin Courses

Corporate Mandarin 

China is the world’s second-largest economy. China’s population, market, industries and trade are all booming and it is the new land of opportunity. This makes learning Mandarin Chinese and specifically Chinese for business purposes an extremely valuable investment for your future.

Our Corporate Mandarin courses cover a variety of relevant business topics in the Chinese context which enable you to expose to an overview of China's changing environment and current business practice.
Our tailor-made in-house developed training materials delivered by our professional, experienced Mandarin teachers are suitable for groups or individuals and are designed to improve employees' communication and relationships with Mandarin speaking colleagues, clients, suppliers and buyers.

Special Packages to Suit the Needs of In-house Training

We offer various special packages for your employees to enhance their Mandarin proficiency.   
1.   Mandarin for Police Officers  
2.   Mandarin for Bankers 
3.   Mandarin for Car Dealers 
4.   Mandarin for Hospitality                                                       
5.   Mandarin for Insurance Agents
6.   Mandarin for Real Estate  Agents
7.   Mandarin for Telecommunication
8.   Mandarin for Financial Planners   
9.   Mandarin for Legal Professionals                 
10. Mandarin for Medical Professionals

We also provide Mandarin courses for your specific industry other than the courses above. Please contact us for a proposal.​​





Group Learning

In group classes organised by your company, you will learn business Mandarin with your collegues which enables you to learn Mandarin in various ways.

Executive Private Tutoring (1-on-1)

Our business curriculum covers business topics in the modern Chinese context and will expose  you to an overview of China's changing environment and current business practice.

Alternatively, we can work together with you and/or your company to create a custom designed curriculum according to you Chinese language needs and goals

No matter whether you are a General Manager wanting to learn some good icebreaker sentences, a medical staff who wants to learn industry-specific vocabulary or a salesperson who wants to sells goods to your customers, We will design a tailor-made study plan just for you.
To discuss the Mandarin courses for your company, suggest a Training Proposal or arrange a meeting with us, please write to us [email protected] or call us at +1  778 -998-5368

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