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Adult Mandarin Courses

Adult Mandarin (General)

Elementary Mandarin 1 & 2  6:15-7:45 pm Monday

New Class: Mon Jul 9-Aug 20 ($75 fo 6 sessions only)
Location: Coal Harbour Community Centre

These two courses are suitable for students who have little or no knowledge of Mandarin Chinese. They will master the basic pronunciation rules, vocabulary and grammar of Chinese as well as basic information about Chinese characters, acquire listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and be able to make simple conversations about everyday topics in Chinese.

Intermediate Mandarin 1 & 2   

When students have completed the Intermediate courses, they will acquire certain listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and be able to use Chinese to fulfil the basic communication activities and tasks encountered in their life and work. They will be able to handle most of the communication tasks when they communicate with Chinese speakers and travel in China.

Adult Mandarin (Business)

6:00-8:00 pm Friday

Our Business Mandarin courses focus on skills such as meetings, presentations and negotiations and on work-related contexts, such as marketing, human resources, finance and bargaining. The specifically designed course materials are very relevant and authentic for the participants to acquire the knowledge of Mandarin, understand the elements of Chinese culture and etiquette, expand the knowledge about business in China and master the effective Chinese communication techniques.

Private Tutoring - 1-on-1 or 1-on-more Courses

Private Tutoring of Mandarin courses offer students diversified courses and maximum flexibility and convenience.

You can schedule your class at anytime you like (we are available from Mondays to Sundays). You can also take class in our place, at your home or your office.

Moreover, Private Tutoring allows teacher to use the most appropriate method to teach an individual student effectively.
With a team of our well-educated and experienced teachers, comprehensive teaching materials and necessary multimedia teaching tools, you must be able to obtain effective and fruitful language learning results. 


👉  Focus on you and your group's requirements
👉  Flexible schedule and location
👉  Cover the most interesting topics for you
👉  Available for General Chinese or Business Chinese,